Furniture Refinishing in Essex, MA

Antique RestorationWhen your heirloom furniture or classic antique pieces become damaged, count on John D Cushing Antique Restoration to breathe new life into them with expert repair and restoration services.

We strive to keep the history and originality of each piece intact, working with specialize tools and techniques to ensure a job well done each and every time.

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Expert Wood Furniture Restoration

Wood antique restorationHeirloom furniture pieces are built to look and function beautifully for decades and generations, acting as the centerpieces for your home and the homes of your children and grandchildren. But these pieces can become damaged or worn-out over time and require a talented professional to restore their grandeur and immutable qualities. When the time comes for antique furniture repair and restoration in Essex, MA, put your heirloom pieces in the hands of John D Cushing Antique Restoration. Using artisan techniques and period-appropriate tools, we strip the years of tarnish and wear away from your pieces to bring out their original beauty and boldness once again! All of this, while retaining the accuracy and authenticity of every piece.

Our approach to furniture refinishing in Essex, MA is as unique as every piece we work on. We take the time to assess damages and imperfections, getting to know your piece thoroughly so we’re able to do it justice when the time for restoration comes.

Whether we’re taking staining and cloudiness off of an original wood table or repairing the upholstery and embellishments on a beautiful antique chair, our attention to detail will result in a piece of furniture that’s ready to stand the test of time and use for decades more to come.

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  • We’re skilled in both modern and traditional handwork, using tools that are applicable to the period of the piece. This ensures a truly authentic restoration.

  • If, for any reason, we’re not able to repair or restore your antiques, we’ll find someone who can! We’re dedicated to assisting you in any capacity we’re able to.

  • We have a combined 60 years of professional antique restoration experience, with specialty insights into proper care and handling of your heirlooms.

  • We’re an owner-operated business that does all restoration work in-house. We operate with transparency and honesty at all times.

  • Our business shares a close affiliation with the North Shore Antique Dealer Association and we have a general love of all antiques!

Breathe New Life into the Past

Let us accentuate your home by restoring your antiques! Bring us your tarnished or damaged heirloom furniture and watch as we restore it to its original condition and splendor. Restoring prized antiques to the following areas:

  • Essex MA
  • Boston MA
  • Hamilton MA
  • Gloucester MA
  • Manchester-by-the-Sea MA
  • Wenham MA
  • Ipswich MA
  • Rockport MA