Antique Furniture Repair in Essex, MA

Over many years of use and handling, antique wood items and furniture pieces can break down or suffer damage. John D Cushing Antique Restoration works with precision and care to deliver wood restoration and antique furniture repair in Essex, MA to your items.

Our goal is to restore the timeless beauty of each piece, while maintaining its authenticity and integrity.

  • Antique Wood Repair

    Wood antiques can succumb to all types of damages over time—from humidity warping to scratches and scuffs. Using a careful hand and expert technique, we provide repairs to your wood that restores its integrity and appeal.

  • Wood Antique Restoration

    Faded or worn wood pieces may just need a little rejuvenation to regain their warmth and vibrant appeal. If your wood antiques are in relatively good condition but have lost some of their splendor, count on us to make them stand out beautifully once again through antique restoration in Essex, MA.

  • Furniture Repair

    Furniture from throughout the previous century exemplifies some of the most beautiful craftsmanship of the age. If you own a beautiful piece that has suffered damage due to age or an accident, we’ll work hard to restore it to its former standard of beauty. We’re skilled for both modern and traditional handwork, using tools that are applicable to the period of the piece.

  • Furniture Restoration

    Tarnished wood, faded fabric or lackluster embellishments all need specialized attention when it comes to antique furniture restoration. We’ll make sure every square inch of your piece receives the attention it demands and that a complete restoration unlocks the true beauty of your heirloom piece.

Antique Enthusiasts

Antique RestorationIn addition to all of our wood and furniture restoration and repair services, we’re also able to do gilding work. We’re proficient in both oil and water gilding, adding period-appropriate authenticity to the restoration of your antique furniture or wood pieces.

For additional information about the repair or restoration process or to get an estimate on services for your unique piece, please contact John D Cushing Antique Restoration today at 978-768-7356.

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